Music production, mixing and mastering services are available on line.

Creation of an unreleased track:

Attach a demo of your song via e-mail to errandstudio@gmail.com or through WeTransfer, even an mp3 track with guitar and voice. You will be contacted to decide the stylistic approach you want for your song.
You will listen to the previews and keep you in touch with us during production.

Creation of an edit track:

Send us an mp3 of the original song you want to be made. Write us  title and artist.
If you want the song to be made in a different key, remind us.


You are an artist, a creative musician. You have just finished recording your songs in your home studio. Do you need professionals for mixing? Contact Errand Studio:

How to export your tracks before mixing.
Download our tutorial
How to export your tracks before mixing
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We offers two different mastering services:

Easy mastering: the basic service, the mastering of the stereo track properly exported.


Stem mastering: is a technique derived from stem mixing. Just like in stem-mixing, the individual audio tracks are grouped together to allow for independent control and signal processing of each stem and can be manipulated independently from each other.

Download our tutorial
Mastering-how to export.pdf
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Previews and delivery:

  • The final tracks are exported in the required format (WAV, AIFF, 44.1 KHz or 48kHz/16bit or 24bit) and loaded into our dropbox or sent via email, if you wish to receive a CD master, the cost for burning and shipping via registered mail is € 10.


  • The audio files will be loaded or shipped as soon as we receive confirmation of your payment via PayPal.


  • During work we will send previews of the mix or the mastering in order to correct any stylistic choices you don't like.